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     Here at the Coaches Corner, you find information about being a Coach, Drills and Training. The BSC Board would like to thank you for participating in our program and giving your time to the youth of our community. We know that everyone's spare time is precious but we know that  you will find the reward of your sacrifice in the smile of these kids when they are playing the game of soccer. Please contact your Division Director with any questions, ideas or issues that you may have. Again, Thank You for your participation in our club!

    US Youth Soccer Association has developed a manual to have coaches understand what is expected and way to assist you in becoming a great coach. We have also attached training manuals from other organizations to help you to develop you coaching skills. The information is abundant but we feel if you look through some of these manuals, you will find great information to keep your practice fun and to keep the players involved at all time during your practice. 

     The Links on the right will open Training Manuals that were taken from our parent organizations. Being a good coach requires you to be flexible. If a particular drill  doesn't seem to work, don't be afraid to modify it. Try different ways to make it fun and challenging!

     On the Training Video's page in the Coaches Corner menu button, we have attached videos for the drills we have been running at the Division Wide practices. These will help to give you a visual of how the drills are to be done.

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BSC Coaching Manuals

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